IOS & Android Development

We are an award-winning mobile app development company that enables thriving startups & giant enterprises to solve complex business challenges through mobility solutions.


What We Do

DWS is one of the foremost web design, development and digital marketing agencies in Dubai, the UAE, and the rest of the Middle East. Our professional web design services have helped businesses build distinct & extraordinary digital identities that attract customers, provoke engagement & inspire growth. With over many years experience in designing & creating websites for local & international brands. 

Pricing Plan For IOS & Android Development 


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Native Applications

We generate opportunities. Greater reach, deeper engagement, & meaningful interactions. High-quality content customized for different platforms. Our team of digital super specialists consisting of strategists creators. Our storytellers weave brand moments to create story that makes your product hero.

Hybrid Applications

Focused key individuals within your audience. Increase sales of your product through positive word-of-mouth. Developing combined expertise of our digital strategists. Insights into patterns of your audience. Connecting primary influences in your clients segment.

Web & Mobile Integrated Applications

Content Management Systems help in creating, publishing, organizing and managing all your digital content. It allows multiple users with different permission levels to manage and edit all the content and data of a website. Our team of highly skilled CMS designers work closely with our clients to guarantee that the CMS-enabled website is developed exactly according to their needs and specifications.

We provide tailored website themes and customisation in all major CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco, Sitecore and more. With more than 18 years of experience, we have worked on over 100+ CMS-enabled websites for clients across the globe. Our CMS experts can custom-design. WordPress Can Be Used To Effectively Build Everything From The Smallest Single Page Websites To Large, Multi-Section E-Commerce Websites With Thousands Of Products.

Gaming Business
& Educational Applications

Digitize Marketing Solutions specializes in optimizing your brand with maximum efficiency. With a proven track record, Digitize can help you expand your brand’s online presence. Like most business owners, you’re probably too busy running your business to manage your brand’s online presence. Digitize provides fully scalable solutions to accommodate any size business. We’ve worked with small businesses to build their brands from scratch with organic engagement, and can do the same for you.